Here is one of the bosses of this future game, The Clef Adventure, an adventure/turn-based-combat game based on the different musical themes "Boss Theme".


- Music has been remade (it's not the original) -

Orignal Music by lizzardborn - tuba knight boss theme


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also in the overworld the player should be an instruiment different to every other one in the game be keep the note for the battles.

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Cool game can't wait to see the game improve.Keep it up.

Thanks ! It's comming along, I will update it from time to time !

also i found a bug where the boss will just not attack so you get softlocked

The boss theme is awesome! I love the musical setting of the game, being a little eighth note is cool!

Thank you so much! I agree, the music is really cool! I will continue the game with new bosses (inspired by the different "tuba boss theme" on youtube) and a story!